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Rosa Livingstone is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mind Coach with over 10 years of experience in er field.  She has specialized training as a Master Hypnotist to use Hypnosis as a technique to enable her to work with psychological and/or psychosomatic issues.  Some of the areas she focuses on are Fertility, Anxiety Disorders (OCD; GAD; Trichotillomania), Smoking Cessation, Self Esteem/Confidence, Depression, Stress Management and Weight Management.

She is a Certified Instructor in her field (2007 training at the National Guild of Hypnotists), and instructed the Clinical Hypnotherapy curriculum at the school where she herself completed her own qualifications in 2006. 

In her full time practice, she is passionate about helping people become complete expressions of their true selves.  She is also an avid educator to the general public, offering workshops focused on building self esteem and control over our thoughts, feelings and actions through the understanding of self sabotaging habits, how they are formed and how to overcome them.  She teachs Self Hypnosis classes serveral times a year as well as workshops focused on empowering Women.

Rosa is an empathetic "people-person" and has found that this aspect of her career choices has been what she loves most. After many years in the management side of the Hospitality Industry, she opted to re-invent herself with one driving thought in mind - to do what she loves and that is helping others.

She is a Certified Member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association and the National Guild of Hypnotists. Rosa was a Founding Member and Director of HypnoPeers, a mentoring group for Clinical Hypnotherapists in the Lower Mainland. She has hosted leaders in the Hypnosis and the Metaphysical fields to Vancouver to share their expertise through A Load Off Your Mind Events.  She has appeared on the The Kid Carson Show - The Beat 94.5 on several occasions, having helped Nira Arora with her Germophobia, as well as on Sonic's 104.9 Kid Carson Show .  She also appeared with Loren Spagnuolo on "Empowered", on "Randal Marks - Perspectives" on Joytv10, as a way to educate about Hypnotherapy as a viable and safe modality to help people heal themselves.  Most recently, she has been a guest on CKNW, Roundhouse Radio and Global TV promoting her book, "Self-Sabotage: The Art of Screwing Up", released in September, 2016.

As a Wife and Mother of 2 active Sons, Rosa has found a balance between her family and career needs. She enjoys working not only with adults, but with children and teens.





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