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2018 Christmas Gift Certificates Available

Season Special:  $150.00 + 5% GST -1.5 hour session 

Give the gift of personal growth and self improvement to those you love.  This is a special gift that will last.



2 Sessions of Interactive Therapy includes: 1 Session of Regression work and positive reinforcement + 1 session of hypnotherapy for reinforcement.

The mp3 for Non-Smoking reinforcement is available on the Hypnosis Download page.  This recording does not replace the strong benefits of the reinforcement offered in the 2 session option. Success rate is HIGHER with the 2 session program.

These programs require commitment from the client and it is successful because I deal with the SMOKER PART of you and its need to smoke. This ensures a high success rate vs. that of a Hypnosis program which deals only with aversion.


Approximately 20% of Canadian couples experience difficulty in their attempts to achieve pregnancy, which is defined as the inability to conceive within one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. There are many and various factors that may contribute to infertility and can be attributed to either the male or female partner, or both.

Unexplained Inability to Concieve:
Forty percent of infertility in women and men is from “unknown causes" despite thorough investigations. Hypnosis has shown statistical results (google Soroka University, Israel Research) in the area of fertility.  It helps clients, both male and female, uncover and heal emotional subconscious blocks that may explain the inability to conceive. Hypnosis will also assist you with the stress and/or depression often caused by the inability to conceive as well as relieving mind/body stress that interferes with IVF treatments (Stress can cause uteral contractions. If the womb is contracting during transplant of empryo, it can affect the chances of the transplant being a success).  Hypnotherapy can help women relax and therefore improve the chances of success.

7 X 1 1.2 hr Sessions of interactive Therapy includes: Exploring possible issues related to Fertility and Mind-Body Behavior Management using Hypnotherapy with guided imagery and positive reinforcement. Clients will be taught the 3 stages of Self Hypnosis for use during the program as well as after the fertility program ends. Program does NOT require medical referral from GP or ART/IVF Physician.



Weight Reduction through Hypnosis is becoming one of my passions.  It is an issue that is one of the most challenging due to the nature of the issue itself. And one of the most rewarding when helping my clients understand what is happening to them.  The issue of weight, whether it is 20 pounds or  100 pounds, is not about WHAT you eat but about EMOTIONS that have been attached to food.  It’s about how it makes you FEEL.  Food ‘feeds’ the emotion and the mind directs the bodies processing of food.  Hypnosis has a high rate of success in helping clients get to the ROOT of the emotion that is causing the body to hold onto weight.

8 Interactive one on one Hypnotherapy sessions including reinforcement.  Program does NOT require medical referral from GP.


                                                             PAST LIFE REGRESSION 


All program Success Rates vary by individual. Please contact A Load Off Your Mind Hypnotherapy for Package Investment Fees




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