THIRD WORKSHOP IN SELF-SABOTAGE SERIES: The Power of Healing through Forgiveness

From November 25, 2017 9:00 am until November 25, 2017 5:00 pm

Third Workshop in Self Sabotage Series:

The Power of Healing through Forgiveness to Shift Into Forward

Forgiveness is a means to move from fear to inner peace. It just means that you've made peace with past pain and you are ready to let it go.

Lingering in the cobwebbed recesses of your subconscious mind is a least one memory, most likely more, of parents who expected too much or too little, who were over-protective or over-bearing, distant and unaffectionate, narcissistic and selfish, absent or abusive.  There are perhaps memories of teachers who belittled or berated, kids who teased and taunted on the school ground, who picked you last when choosing teams in gym class, or who snubbed you at lunch or who gossiped about you behind your back.  Some of you experienced prejudice and discrimination due to your religion, ethnic background, social standing or a disability. 

You may think you’ve forgiven, recovered or moved on from these past humiliations, neglects, disappointments or abuses.  You may believe your painful past experiences no longer affect you.  Maybe you have worked hard to heal many old wounds so that you think they no longer affect you.  But be honest, do you still react with anger, frustration, guilt or shame when your needs aren’t met?  If when you think of the past, does it cause a negative physical reaction as your own personal examples come to mind?  

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you’re still holding onto something that once hurt you and that’s still like a noose you’re carrying around your neck or a load of bricks on your shoulders.  It keeps you from loving yourself, from the happiness you deserve, from setting healthy boundaries, from planning goals and moving towards the things that make you light up.  It’s holding you back from being your Whole Self!

This course is designed to help you to:

  • Be your best self

  • Examine current and old grudges and resentments because they’re linked

  • Explore self defeating habits so that, ultimately, you can decide if not forgiving your past is now in your best interest

  • Exercises to create a contemplative self examination to choose to make peace with your past and those that hurt you the most

  • Help remove the ultimate barrier to a healthy, fully present and worthy you! 

 You will have plenty of handouts to continue your forgiveness process.

You’ll make the time to join in this course if you are ready to explore the choice to heal though the forgiveness process.  Please know that my approach is not a religious one but one that is solely for the self, without obligation to anyone.

Date:              Saturday, November 25       

Time:             9am to 4pm

Venue:            Heritage Office Furniture, 1588 Rand Avenue, Vancouver

Personal Investment:                                                     $150.00 + 5% GST   

Early Worm Rate on or before November 3:             $140.00 + 5% GST   

Please register for any or all of these workshops at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP as space is limited and confirmed on a first-come, first-served.  Feel free to pass this along to any friends and/or family who may benefit from learning about personal healing. 



IF YOU BOOK ANY 2 WORKSHOPS = $130 per workshop + 5% GST   

IF YOU BOOK ALL 3 WORKSHOPS = $120 per workshop + 5% GST   



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