All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis Defined

You may find it surprising that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. That is because while you can be given positive suggestions for change, in order for that change to occur, you must accept those suggestions and make them your own. So, all suggestions that you accept become self-suggestions.

Hypnosis is a relaxing, naturally occurring state of mind which happens to us every day. Each time we read a captivating novel, float off in a daydream, are driving and wonder how we got to our destination without actual thought about it, or see an engrossing movie, we are in a natural state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is defined as:
The bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

Now, what this means is this - The conscious mind gathers information from the outside world and will compare this information with information and beliefs stored in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind will then analyze this information to see if there is any conflict between the two. If there is already information or a strong belief in the subconscious mind that is not of the same nature of this new information, the critical factor of the conscious mind will block and refuse this new information. Thus, hypnosis is used to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind to reach the subconscious mind directly. Just simple conscious thought is not enough to reach the subconscious mind and make the changes that you would like.

Now, the establishment of acceptable selective thinking is this:  once the subconscious mind has been reached and the critical factor is bypassed, new and powerful suggestions can be accepted into the subconscious mind. Because hypnosis is a direct link to the subconscious mind, these suggestions, when compounded, will dominate old information and negative beliefs.

What you can expect from hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness with extremely powerful, lasting and rapid transformations. This is very exciting because in this state of mind, negative beliefs can be reversed to positive, strong and life changing beliefs. We know now how much a belief can effect the outcome of our lives. A negative belief can easily hold you back from the things other people do everyday and a positive belief can powerfully give you the ability to overcome any obstacle, exceeding even your own levels of a happy successful life.

Hypnosis is neither mystical or magical. Hypnosis is actually a very powerful and natural state of mind, which every single person in the world can achieve. All you need is the ability to focus your mind.  You can access this heightened state of awareness very easily. With the help of a highly qualified and advanced hypnotherapist, I will guide you to this powerful state of mind in order to make the changes you need. Remember that a Hypnotherapist is only a guide. The actual power of change is within you. Can you imagine the power to present yourself as a self assured person, enhancing those feelings to the ultimate magnetic strength? Can you imagine the power to establish the life you envision, as the person you want to be, living a happy and healthy life? If you can, you have made the best choice you could ever make. Don't wait. The time is NOW and the opportunity is HERE!



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